The Last IoT
Platform You Will Ever Need.

An end to end platform for collecting and processing any type and volume of IoT data. Grandeur lets hardware developers link devices securely to the cloud, store data and perform calculations, create predictions, assert any logic or detect anomalies on data without code.

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Build Visually

Link your devices and use our drag and drop builder to create your custom dashboards. You can share your Grandeur apps with users to get instant feedback.

with AI

Use natural language prompts to query or process data with maths or logical operations. You can run regression and prediction models on your data without zero code.

Full Stack

Never manage backend again. One click gets you database, APIs and deployment. You can connect your devices to cloud directly with our broker.

Build Better
Faster And Cheaper

The time that you are spending on setting up infrastructure or coding the backend is the time that you are not spending on building better user experience. Grandeur lets you hit the ground running, cut engineering costs, iterate at warp speed, and deliver maximum value without getting bogged down in tech nuisances.

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Plug & Play

Hook up your devices effortlessly with Grandeur pub sub, or seamlessly integrate them from other platforms.

Blazing Fast

Receive data and process queries at < 200ms throughput.


Skip the boilerplate with our API. Get your hands on device data and seamlessly blend it into your custom applications.

Batteries Included

Grandeur scales to meet your demand, automagically with load.


Share your Grandeur apps with users to get instant feedback.